Partner with us!

Partner with us...

  • In PRAYER! as we seek to assist local churches and missionaries through WBF Missions here in Arlington, TX
  • In GIVING! through your local church to MISSIONS! We need more missionaries here in America and abroad! The Lord's return is imminent!
  • In GOING! to tell others about Christ's love and His Gospel! Participate in "mission trips"! It will change your life forever!
  • WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you would like to support our ministry please send checks to: John Horton - PO Box 13459 / Arlington, TX 76094
  • You can donate online by clicking the donate button below


1. Click Donate button
2. You will need to enter an amount and choose between PayPal or credit / debit card as the method of donating.
3. The donation will go directly to us through our sending Church. Follow instructions on form to complete transaction.